Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Chapel – Riverside Hospital, Bacolod

The Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Chapel appears as a small separate building from the hospital. It has a triangular roof and only white railings for a wall. The main entrance in this picture is open; it has a red staircase leading up the chapel. Some of the icons and statues inside are visible from outside.

Also known as: Riverside Medical Center Chapel

Address: Dr. Pablo O Torre Memorial Hospital, B.S. Aquino Drive, Bacolod City [View Map]

Telephone: (034) 433-7331

Fax: no info

Chaplain: no info

Office Hours: no info

Mass Schedule

Monday to Tuesday & Thursday to Saturday: 7:00am

First Friday Mass: 5:30pm

Saturday Anticipated Mass: 5:30pm

Wednesday & Sunday: 7:00am 5:30pm

Photo Gallery

The altar of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Chapel has white walls. At the center is a statue of the risen Jesus Christ, in a white robe and with both hands raised, mounted n the wall. The altar is draped with a white cloth. In front of the altar are flowers of colors red, yellow, and green. The lectern is seen on the left (if viewing from the nave); it is brown, made of wood, and has a book-like embossed image in front. On the right is a wooden chair for the priest, with backrest and armrest, but no design. Above and on the left of the priest's chair is the tabernacle, enclosed by a brown wooden frame, and has goldtone metallic cover in front.A statue of St. Lorenzo Ruiz in white long sleeves shirt, black pants, and shoes, is in a standing praying position. The statue is on a wooden platform attached to a cylindrical pillar of the chapel.A statue of St. Pedro Calungsod in white long sleeves shirt, black pants, and slippers, is hugging a large feather while holding a book with both hands. The statue is on a wooden platform attached to a cylindrical pillar of the chapel.A framed image of St. Pope John Paul II is made of what looks like small tiles of windowpane oyster shells. In this image, he is wearing a white alb, a red cape, and a large silver cross necklace, as well as a white zucchetto on his head. His head is surrounded by a halo, with the words Totus Tuus above it. The Pope has a goldtone rectangle surrounding him, and the entire image is enclosed in a goldtone frame, which cannot be described if wood or metal. The frame is mounted on a flat white wall.The entrance of the Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Chapel as seen from within the hospital. The door to the chapel is a sliding door made of glasses and white wooden frames. The door is open, and the inside of the chapel is visible: being prominent here is the rack of candles. A blue signage saying Chapel is above the door.

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