San Antonio de Padua Parish – Quezon City

Also known as: N/A

Address: 172 West Riverside St. cor. Lincoln St., San Francisco Del Monte, Quezon City [View Map]

Telephone: (02)448-6852

Fax: (02)374-1942

Pastor: Rev. Fr. Romerico A. Prieto

Office Hours: Tuesday to Sunday 8:00am-12:00pm & 2:00pm-6:00pm

Mass Schedule

Monday: 6:00am 6:00pm*

Tuesday: 6:00am 6:00pm

Wednesday to Friday: 6:00am 6:00pm*

Saturday: 6:00am*

Saturday Anticipated Mass: 6:00pm

Sunday: 6:00am 7:30am 9:00am 10:30am 3:30pm 5:00pm 6:30pm

*Held in the adoration chapel


Baptism: Sunday 11:00am

Confession: by appointment

Matrimony: by appointment three months prior

Other Services

Blessings of house and other items: by appointment three days prior

Funeral Mass: by appointment three days prior

Photo Gallery

The sanctuary of San Antonio De Padua Parish has a simple rectangular goldtone reredos on the back center. It has a large recess on which the crucifix is mounted and framed by the protruding parts of the reredos. The crucifix has a black cross with goldtone rays emanating from its back. The statue of Jesus in the crucifix looks like he is stepping on top of the tabernacle. The tabernacle here is the goldtone box with a monstrance-like embossed decoration in front. The left and right parts of the frame have platforms attached to them; on the left, as seen from the nave is a smaller statue of Jesus in red and white, and on the right is a statue of Mary in white, blue, and red. The altar in front of the reredos also has goldtone color with curly decorations in front and is draped with brown cloth. The lectern is on the left as seen from the nave; it has similar colors and design to that of the altar. A smaller pedestal for reading is on the right, and on its back is the priest's chair. A statue of St. Anthony carrying baby Jesus is also visible here, on the right of the priest's chair. The wall at the back of the reredos is divided into upper and lower half sections, with a row of flowers and leaves between them. The upper half of the wall is white with a large brick pattern, while the lower half is gray with a cement-like surface.A semi-oblong stained glass pane as seen from inside the San Antonio De Padua Parish is divided vertically into two sections by a steel frame. The left half depicts St. Anthony of Padua holding baby Jesus on the shoulder with his right hand. He is wearing a brown sackcloth robe with a rope as a belt. Jesus is sitting on a mass of cloud hovering in front of St. Anthony. Part of the cloud also holds a red book. St. Anthony has a rosary attached to the left part of his belt. Jesus is wearing a white robe. The right half of the stained glass also depicts St. Anthony, with the same clothing as in the left half. Here, he is standing while holding a twig with white lilies.A statue depicting the resurrected Christ. He is raising his right hand to heaven, while his left hand is holding a cross-shaped staff. He is wearing a white robe that is held by his left shoulders, and the right part of his chest is exposed. He is standing on what looks like a cloud, with two angel heads at the bottom.A statue depicting Mary with crown made of stars carrying baby Jesus. Mary is wearing a white robe with beige cloak. Her left hand is holding baby Jesus, and her right arm is bent down forward. Her middle and ring fingers are curled, touching the thumb, while her pinky and index finger are stretched out. Jesus is wearing a white robe with brown lining at the ends. His arms are spread outward as if he is about to hug someone.A semi-oblong stained glass pane as seen from inside the San Antonio De Padua Parish is divided vertically into two sections by a steel frame. The left half depicts  Jesus in a white robe with a red coat. His arms are on the side of and almost parallel to his body, with the palm of his hands showing. The other half shows a brown cross with a white cloth draping on it.

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