San Diego De Alcala Parish

Shown here is the front of San Diego De Alcala Parish, with a view slightly angled so that its right side is partly visible. The facade of the church is mainly mocha in color, with red on top of the triangular roof and gray on the spherical domes. There are three spherical domes, two smaller ones in the front: one serves as a clock tower and the other as a bell tower. Between them is a triangular part of the roof with a cross on top. The larger and taller dome at the back is above the sanctuary inside the church; it has a cross on top. The church has several small windows. It is surrounded by a white fence made of iron, with statues of the apostles on every two pillars holding the fence.

Also known as: San Diego Pro-cathedral or the St. Didacus Parish Church

Address: Rizal corner Zamora Streets, Silay City, Negros Occidental [View Map]

Telephone: (034)495-3800

Fax: no info

Pastor: no info

Office Hours: no info

Mass Schedule

Monday to Friday: 6:00am 5:15pm

Saturday: 6:00am

Saturday Anticipated Mass: 5:00pm

Sunday: 5:00am 6:30am 8:00am 9:30am 4:00pm 5:15pm 6:30pm


Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday: 4:30pm


Adoration to Holy Trinity: Saturday after 6:00am mass

San Diego: Thursday before each mass

Our Lady of Perpetual Help: Wednesday before each mass

Sacred Heart: First Friday before 6:00am mass

Penitential Dawn Procession: First Saturday 5:00am

Photo Gallery

The sanctuary of San Diego is mostly brown tabernacle and altar in front of a white wall. The altar at the center has white cloth on it but is otherwise pinkish with a brown pattern. The wooden structure at the back has statues of saints: the one at the center is the biggest and the ones on the sides are slightly smaller. The back of the saints has blue and white sky-like design wallpaper or paint. Under the biggest saint statue is the tabernacle, a gold or bronze box. There are statues of angels on the sides of the tabernacle, just in front of the smaller statues of saints. There is also a brown lectern on the left (right if you are facing the nave) and the floor has a design of brown and white chequers.One of the walls of St. Didacus Parish Church as seen from the inside near the sanctuary. It has four semi-oblong stained glass window, with the circular part on top. The first stained glass window has a design of cross in front of the Sun, which radiates brown and yellow rays. On the right of the cross and below it is wheat. Below the wheat is a basket full of bread. The second stained glass window at the middle has a thinner brown cross in front of the Sun, which radiates yellow and white rays. At the foot of the cross is a circle with letters JHS inside. Below the circle with JHS is a cup, and below the cup are two bundles of grapes. The third stained glass window has the Sun in front of the cross, radiating white and yellow rays. The disc with JHS is also at the foot of the cross but brighter. There is a cup below the circle with JHS. On the sides of the cup and JHS is wheat. There is a bundle of grapes at the foot of the cup, and two fishes under the grapes. Above these three stained glass window is a circular stained glass window showing the Holy Family in front of what looks like a dinner table with several loaves of bread.The pulpit of San Diego Parish is made of brown wood and has murals on the side. It also has a white microphone or speaker mounted on its balcony and a ceiling-like structure above. The ceiling-like structure has a dove mural underneath. The underside of the pulpit has a design that looks like a curly Roman pillar.A statue of the Holy Family in a brown wooden structure. The background of the statues looks like a painted sky. Here, Mary is wearing white and cyan, Joseph is wearing dark brown and green, and the child Jesus is wearing white with a brown sash. Mary and Joseph hold each of Jesus' hands. Mary and Joseph have halos of different design: Mary's is circular with what looks like small stars attached on its outside surrounding it, while Joseph's is disc like that is circular on the outside, but the hole inside is shaped like a clover. Jesus apparently does not have a halo, or it's just difficult to see in this photo.Shown in this picture is a garden area near the back of San Diego Pro-cathedral. Several plants surround two artificial grottos. A larger grotto contains a crucifix of Jesus, and with an altar-like table in front. On the left of the large grotto (right if you are facing the grottos) is a smaller and slightly elevated grotto containing a statue of Blessed Virgin Mary wearing white and blue. A thin layer of grass covers the ground in front of the grottos.

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