St. James the Apostle Parish – Paombong

The main structure of St. James the Apostle Parish has a house-like pentagon shape and facade of that is mostly gray concrete. It has white highlights along the pillar, around the glass windows, and the semi-oblong entrances. Its entrances are one large main entrance on the ground center flanked by two slightly smaller entrances of similar shapes. It also has two vertical rectangular glass windows on the sides, one circular window on the top center, and a square window with curved top above the largest entrance. On its right (as seen by a person facing the church) is a bell tower with similar colors, three semi-oblong windows in front, one on top of another, and a red pyramidal roof with a white cross on top.

Also known as: Santiago Apostol Parish

Address: Poblacion, Paombong, Bulacan [View Map]

Telephone: (044) 793-6838

Fax: no info

Pastor: Fr. Anacleto Ignacio

Office Hours: no info

Mass Schecule

Monday to Saturday: 6:00am

Wednesday: 6:00pm

Saturday Anticipated Mass: 6:00pm

Sunday: 6:00am 8:00am 9:30am 6:00pm


Baptism: Sunday 11:00pm

Picture Gallery

The sanctuary of St. James the Apostle Parish is very colorful. The altar is elevated with seven steps of white tiles. Two glass shelves with the same color as the floor are on the sides. One shelf contains a statue of Mary as Queen of Heaven wearing a white gown and blue coat with goldtone decorations carrying baby Jesus in a similar white outfit and wearing a crown. The other shelf contains a statue of Saint James in black clothing. The reredos at the center is mainly pink and white with goldtone decorations. The center of the reredos has the crucifix, with the tabernacle below it, and six candles are flanking the tabernacle. One compartment of the reredos has a statue of Mary in white, showing her Immaculate Heart. The other compartment has a statue of Jesus in red and white, showing his Sacred Heart. The altar at the center in front of the tabernacle is draped with green and white cloth, while the lectern is draped with green cloth only. There are other statues and portraits in the sanctuary, such as that of Joseph holding baby Jesus, Mary in Amen pose wearing a crown, and Mary holding baby Jesus surrounded by angels in a glass frame. The top walls of the sanctuary have murals depicting the four evangelists and Jesus carrying a cross surrounded by his disciples.A structure within the yard of St. James the Apostles Parish, is made of three brown pillars and white protrusions with three bells hanging from them. At the center of the three pillars is a silver cross. At the base are concrete plant boxes and seats. On one of the seats, a statue of Jesus with a white hood and holding a baby is sitting. There is a text on where Jesus is sitting, stating: In Jesus We Live Protect life Save the unborn.This is the nave of St. James the Apostles Parish. There are two rows of brown pews that lead to the sanctuary. It also has several rows of windows near the ceiling and rectangular wooden doors on the ground. Between the doors and the windows are murals depicting the stations of the cross.

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