St. Joseph Shrine

The frontage of Saint Joseph Shrine is yellowish white. The ground floor is separated from the second story by a concrete ceiling. The middle of the ceiling has a triangular part that is raised from the rest and supported by pillars. In front of this part are the words: St. Joseph Shrine Diocese of Cubao. Two small statues of angels are on this triangular part, one on each side; there are also larger statues of angels underneath, one beside each pillar. The second floor is house-like in shape, making the center the highest part of the church. On the middle of the second floor, a large statue of Saint Joseph standing on a sphere and holding baby Jesus is attached. On the sides are two rows glass windows that are tall and narrow: the ones on the lower rows are rectangular while the ones on the upper rows are trapezoidal, conforming to the shape of the roof. A concrete cross is on the top-center of the roof.

Also known as: Archdiocesan Shrine of Saint Joseph Parish

Address: 965 Aurora Boulevard, Project 3, Quezon City [View Map]

Telephone: (02) 913-5518

Fax: no info

Pastor: Fr. Ronald Macale

Office Hours: Sunday to Saturday 8:00am-7:00pm

Mass Schedule

Monday to Friday: 5:30am 6:15am 7:00am 7:45am 12:00pm 6:00pm 7:00pm

Saturday: 5:30am 6:15am 7:00am 7:45am 12:00pm

Saturday Anticipated Mass: 6:00pm 7:00pm

Healing Mass: First Saturday 10:00am

Sunday: 5:00am 6:00am 7:30am 9:00am 10:30am 12:30pm 2:00pm 3:30pm 5:00pm 6:30pm 8:00pm


Confession: Monday to Saturday 8:15am 5:30pm

Baptism (Ordinary): Sunday 11:30am

Baptism (Special): Saturday 11:00am

Wedding: by appointment

Sick Call: by appointment


Saint Joseph: Monday 7:30am 12:00pm 6:00pm

Holy Spirit: Tuesday 7:30am 12:00pm 6:00pm

Our Lady of Perpetual Help: Wednesday 7:30am 12:00pm 6:00pm

St. Lorenzo Ruiz: Thursday 7:30am 12:00pm 6:00pm

Sacred Heart of Jesus: Friday 7:30am 12:00pm 6:00pm

Other Services

Blessing: by appointment

Funeral: by appointment

Counselling: by appointment

Photo Gallery

The sanctuary of St. Joseph Shrine has mainly yellowish white and gold color with some brown and maroon. The wall at the back and the ceiling are white. The crucifix at the center has a maroon cross. Above the cross are gold-colored rays emanating downward and sideward from a dove, a depiction of the Holy Spirit. The structure that contains the crucifix has four pillars, two on each side, and a semicircular structure on top; the pillars and the structure are white with gold-colored curly decoration. The main body of the pillars are gold in color, but the larger rectangular prism structure on its top and bottom are white. On the right side (your left if you are facing the nave) is a smaller white and gold structure with four equidistant pillars separating the pedestal below from the overhead. The tabernacle is between the first two pillars from the left, while the middle has a provision where a thurible can hang. On the left side (your right if facing the nave) is a large glass cabinet with mainly white, gold, and maroon colors: inside the cabinet is a statue of Joseph holding baby Jesus. There are also some flowers in front of and below the glass. The altar is below the cross and is covered with green linen. In front of the glass cabinet with St. Joseph's statue is a baptismal font and a lectern.A stained glass depiction of Joseph talking to an angel in his dream inside St. Joseph Shrine. He is in what looks like a workshop, with a jar on the far left. Joseph is wearing yellow and green while the angel is wearing white and blue. One of the angel's arms is on Joseph's shoulder. The angel's other hand is holding a staff with a white flower. There are several roses on the ground on the far right. Above the angel and Joseph are clouds. On the top of the depiction is the Sun emitting rays downward, and a dove, a depiction of the Holy Spirit, in front of the Sun.The main entrance of St. Joseph Shrine, a large door that opens at the center and with eight stained glass decoration. The designs of these stained glass decoration are the same, flowers, stem, and leaves that are curling at the top and the bottom. At the center is a large flower, with a circle inside. The circle stained glasses are the only part that differs among these stained glasses. It depicts the following, from the left (if you are facing the door from the inside): the Greek letter omega, a brown eagle with white wings, a white sheep with wings, a square role and a flowering staff, superimposed letters A and M with crown on top, a lion with white wings, a human with white wings, and the letter alpha.A statue of Mary showing her Immaculate Heart. Here, Mary is wearing white, with her arms and hands partially stretched outward. She is standing on what looks like a bluish white cloud. On her sides are pillars that are gold in color, with the top and bottom of the pillars being maroon with gold-colored decorations. The overhead above the stature is also maroon with gold decorations and smaller statues of angels sitting on top of the pillars.A stained glass depiction of Joseph on his death bed surrounded by Jesus and Mary inside St. Joseph Shrine. Jesus is wearing red and white while sitting on Joseph's right side, while Mary is wearing blue and on Joseph's left holding his hand. There are several clouds in the background. On the far right side, or left of Joseph, on the floor are the tools he used such as a saw, a square rule, and a wooden box. There are four angels in this depiction: one on back of Joseph, two near his feet, and one near the wooden box. On the top of the picture is the Sun shining rays downward, and a dove, a depiction of the Holy Spirit, in front of the Sun.

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