Sto. Niño de Congreso Parish

The facade of Sto. Niño De Congreso are different shades of red, with the triangular roof more on the side of maroon, while the walls are more like red-orange. The roof is triangular with a cross on top, while the wall has several rectangular windows. The church is on elevated earth with ramp access on both sides for vehicles and a staircase that leads to the church's main entrance at the middle: a large Sto. Niño statue is in the middle of the staircase, elevated on a pedestal.

Also known as: N/A

Address: Congressional Road, Bagumbong, Caloocan City [View Map]

Telephone: (02) 504-3222

Fax: no info

Pastor: Fr. Jansen B. Ronquillo, MS

Office Hours: no info

Mass Schedule

Monday, Saturday: 6:00am

Tuesday to Friday: 6:00pm

Saturday Anticipated Mass: 6:00pm

Sunday: 7:00am 8:30am 10:00am 4:30pm 6:00pm


Confession: Friday 5:00pm

Baptism: Sunday 11:00am

Confirmation: by appointment

Annointing of the Sick: by appointment


Santo Niño: Monday 5:30am

St. Anthony of Padua: Tuesday 5:30 pm

Our Mother of Perpetual Help: Wednesday 5:30pm

Divine Mercy: Thursday 5:30pm

Sacred Heart of Jesus: Friday 5:30pm

Our Lady of La Salette: Saturday 5:30am

St. Padre Pio: Sunday 9:30am

Photo Gallery

The sanctuary of Sto. Niño De Congreso Parish has a white triangular ceiling with small circular lights. The sanctuary is dominated by a glass pane depicting Jesus in white and with his arms spread in what looks like Heaven. Two angels are kneeling and blowing trumpets in front of him. A cross is also visible on his back, which is a hole in the glass pane. The right side of the panel (as seen from the nave) depicts the Our Lady of La Salette apparition of Mary with three different poses: weeping, blessing children, and with arms cross. On the left side is an image of the Sto. Niño, a depiction of child Jesus in a red kingly outfit and holding an orb. Goldtone statues of Sto. Niño and Our Lady of La Sallete are below the glass pane, below their corresponding depictions on the glass pane. Between the goldtone statues in the Sun-like tabernacle surrounded by four smaller statues of angels, each holding a trumpet: two on each side. In front of the tabernacle is a white altar, with a white cloth on top and an illuminated depiction of a lamb holding a red cross flag. Two lecterns are also seen here: the one on the left is larger and has characters alpha and omega, while the one on the right is smaller and has letters JHS.Close-up of the external red wall of Sto. Niño De Congreso, showing the letters STO. NINO DE CONGRESO PARISH on metallic letters embedded on the wall just below the upper rows of windows. Below them are the lower rows of windows: four windows are seen in this picture. There are statues of apostles St. James the Greater, St. Philip, and St. Thomas, on the wall between the windows: one apostle between two adjacent windows. St. James is wearing red and orange, has graying hair, and holding a sword. St. Philip is wearing red and beige and embracing what looks like a plank of wood. St. Thomas is wearing green and yellow, in amen pose while embracing what looks like a fishing spear.A gold-tone shelf with three panels contains statues and flowers on their feet. The one at the middle is the largest depicting Mary in pink robe, blue cloak, and white hood. The ones on the side are smaller. On the left is Jesus holding a lamb with both arms while tucking a brown staff on his elbow. I do not know who is this saint on the right: she is wearing a brown robe and cape and holding what looks like a monstrance. Above the shelf are portraits of St. Luke and St. John. St. Luke is holding a scroll with both hands, and a winged bull is partly visible on his left. St. John is holding a scroll with his right hand while letting its other end dangle; a while eagle is partly visible on his left.View of the main entrance of Sto. Niño De Congreso as seen from the inside. The main entrance has a high triangular ceiling with loft visible on either side. It is mostly white but with two red-orange pillars where the lofts end and the high ceiling starts. The main doors are made of wood, and above them are glass panels from where the outside is visible. Just outside this glass panel is a glass pane of similar shape depicting what looks like angels in the clouds and yellow rays of light emanating from the top center. Each of the red-orange pillars has a small goldtone cross. A crucifix is also visible on the left (if you are viewing from the nave).Close-up of the external red wall of Sto. Niño De Congreso, with the statues of St. Bartholomew, St., Andrew, St. Jude, and St. Matthias, from left to right. St. Bartholomew is wearing maroon and beige with his left hand holding his right wrist. St. Andrew and St. Jude are both wearing red; St. Andrew is holding two planks of wood that form a cross, while St. Jude is holding an ax. St. Matthias is wearing yellow and orange and is holding an open book as if showing its content. In between the statues of St. Bartholomew and St. Andrew is a large white cross with various rectangular and L-shaped holes. On the sides of the cross are white tongs and hammer that looks like of the same material as the cross.

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